2017 Junghyun Electric Good Store Signboard Delivery Ceremony

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작성일 22-04-26 16:14



Junghyun Electric (CEO Oh Sanghoon) joined the Busan Community Chest of Korea's (Chairman Shin Jeong-taek) Good Store to carry out love for the neighbors in low-income brackets in the welfare blind spot and recently held a signboard delivery ceremony (pictured). Junghyun Electric operated in Seomyeon, Busan but moved locations when the Seobusan distribution district was created. As a company specializing in extra-high voltage, high voltage, low voltage, power equipment and general materials for incoming panels and distribution boards, it handles a variety of related items. CEO Oh Sanghoon said, "When I saw the Good Store signboard at a restaurant I visited during my previous trip to Yeosu, I vowed to myself that I will one day register my business as a Good Store. So I am very glad for this relationship and for registering as a Good Store." 

ⓒ Busan Ilbo