2021 Junghyun Electric sponsors 3 million won for the Sasang-gu 'Shari…

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작성일 22-04-27 14:36



Busan Sasang-gu (Mayor Kim Daegeun) revealed that they received 3 million won for the ‘Sharing Piggy Bank’ project that supports families at risk from Junghyun Electric (CEO Oh Sanghoon) on the 27th. 

The delivery ceremony was held in the presence of Mayor Kim Daegeun, Oh Sang-hoon, CEO of Junghyun Electric, and Kim Heongi, the managing director.The donations are saved at the Sasang-gu Social Welfare Center through Daonbank and will be used when a crisis occurs to a family at risk. 

The 'Sharing Piggy Bank' project is a special project unique to Sasang-gu that provides a small amount of livelihood support to families in crisis due to sudden accidents or job loss so that they can temporarily solve an urgent crisis situation.

Meanwhile, CEO Oh Sanghoon, the first centennial member of Daonbank, has been taking the lead in various sharing activities, such as promising to participate in sharing activities while operating the company in the area and continuing to keep that promise for the third year in the midst of the COVID-19 economic recession.

ⓒ Busan Ilbo