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작성일 22-04-27 14:58



The Busan Regional Headquarters of the ChildFund Korea Foundation announced on the 17th that all executives and employees of the Busan Employers Federation (Chairman Shim Sang-gyun) participated in the ‘Back-to-Normal Vaccine Project' project, a support project for children in crisis due toCOVID-19 (pictured).

12 executives and employees, including Vice Chairman Park Joo-wan of the Busan Employers Federation, have pledged to donate more than 10,000 won per month, and participated in regular sponsorship under the name of Busan Employers Federation.

Vice Chairman Park, who attended the delivery ceremony on the day, said, “Together with ChildFund Korea, we will actively help by sharing more widely about the vaccine project that supports the recovery of children from low-income familiesin the region suffering from COVID-19to normal life by helping many companies affiliated with the Busan Employers Federation participate.”
In fact, the Busan Employers Federation helped expand participation in the back-to-normal vaccine project, and companies such as Junghyun Electric, Dong-A Plating, Semyung Electric, Appdo, Busan Employers Federation BSG, and SP Systems participated in the project.

The donations of the back-to-normal vaccine project will be used for emergency living expenses, housing relocation and renovation expenses, and digital learning equipment support for the back-to-normal recovery of low-income families who are suffering from the COVID-19 crisis.