2019 Junghyun Electric supports Sasang district’s ‘Sharing Piggy Bank”…

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작성일 22-04-27 14:18



Junghyun Electric (CEO Oh Sanghoon) visited the Sasang-gu Office (Mayor Kim Daegeun) on the 2nd and delivered a donation for the ‘Sharing Piggy Bank’ project to support families in crisis.

The 'Sharing Piggy Bank' project is a project promoted by Sasang-gu to relieve temporary crisis situations of families at risk that are experiencing difficulties due to a sudden accident or job loss. The donations are saved in Daonbank, a welfare resource bank, and can be immediately used in case of a crisis, which is expected to further enhance the sense of experienced welfare through beneficiary-centered welfare service support.

Junghyun Electric CEO Oh Sanghoon leads in various sharing activity projects through personal donations as a share leader of Busan Community Chest of Korea as well as through support of neighbors in need by giving a portion of the employees’ pay through registration as a Good Workplace and Good Store. 

Kim Dae-geun, Mayor of Sasang-gu, said, “In these days, when we are seeing a lot of sad news from the low-income class across the country, I would like to thank you for taking care of our neighbors in need and providing support in various ways personally and in the workplace.”

ⓒ Busan Ilbo