2020 Sasang-gu, Daonbank '1st Centennial Member' registration confirma…

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작성일 22-04-27 14:27



On the 12th, Sasang-gu, Busan (Mayor Kim Daegeun) held a signing ceremony for "Daonbank Centennial Membership,” a sharing piggy bank project,  with Junghyun Electric (CEO Oh Sanghoon).

CEO Oh Sanghoon, who became the first supporter of Daonbank said, “It’s very meaningful to become the first centennial member of Daonbank. I will lead in the sharing activities as a centennial company that practices its responsibility to the local community.”


This signing ceremony is very meaningful as it is the first attempt by Sasang-gu Office and a responsible local company to support the unlimited growth of the local community and the company by designing a '100-year Sasang for a new and strong future' together.

Sasang-gu Mayor Kim Daegeun said, “ I want to thank CEO Oh Sanghoon for his promise to share, even during this difficult time. I will actively work to discover more supporters of the welfare resources bank to create a happy Sasang-gu that everyone can enjoy.”

ⓒ Busan Ilbo