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The Busan Employers' Federation is conducting a work-life balance Busan regional promotion team project in Busan to spread a work-life balance culture in the Busan region. With the goal of discovering 6 companies participating in the work innovation incentive system this year, information was provided to local companies to participate in the system.

All 7 companies discovered in the Busan area were selected as the primary participating companies, and through review and evaluation of the performance of a three-month work innovation plan, the three companies, Korea Display & Communication Corp, Busan Coffee Cooperative, and Junghyun Electric, were selected.

Junghyun Electric  (CEO Oh Sanghoon) was selected as a family-friendly certified company and a small hidden champion company by the Ministry of Employment and Labor for its efforts to spread work-life balance, and was awarded the Busan Industrial Peace Prize. Based on the management philosophy that the company grows together with the employees through the improvement of the everyday working method and culture, it strives to build an organizational culture that includes reading management activities for self-development, support and rewards for book purchases, a bazaar of love, and sharing events through sisterhood ties. In addition, it has plans to create continuous work innovation through participation in employee vacation support projects, reward vacation support, and domestic travel support for excellent employees.

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