Selected as '2020 Excellent Family-Friendly Company' certified by the …

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As a work-life balance participating company for several years, it has been taking the lead in improving the welfare environment of the employees and practicing a work-life balance culture.

In addition, starting with the practice of work-life balance through smart meetings, efficient work, leaving work on time, active use of annual leave, and healthy dining culture, various work-life balance programs, systems, and educational support were established through family-friendly certification consulting and the company has been recognized for its active efforts in flexible work system, family care leave, designation of Family Love Day, performance compensation system, long-term employee vacation support, and worker vacation support projects. 

The 'Family-Friendly Certification System' is a system in which the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family grants certification to companies and public institutions that operate exemplary family-friendly systems to support workers' work and family life compatibility. In accordance with Article 15 of the Act on the Promotion of Creation of Family-Friendly Social Environment, it reviews compliance to standards such as childbirth and childrearing support, improvement of work and vacation system, and creation of family-friendly workplace culture and makes its selections.