Certified as excellent workplace in 2021 The 8th Korea Reading Managem…

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작성일 22-04-27 16:58



Junghyun Electric has been certified as an excellent workplace in the 8th Korea Reading Management hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Publication Industry Promotion Agency of Korea.

From March 2021, the employees voluntarily started the reading management activities.

Reading management notices are posted on the internal bulletin board, reading-related videos are watched once a month to create a reading culture atmosphere, and reading discussion forums are held to freely share and discuss the recommended books and thoughts about the reading.

In addition, a space for reading and borrowing books in the in-house employee break room has been prepared. 

What is reading management’s excellent workplace certification?

The selection is made in consideration of the possibility of raising the awareness of the reading culture of the companies and institutions and the possibility and sustainability of spreading the reading culture for the expansion of reading culture through the creation of a reading environment in the workplace for improved communication and creativity of the individual and organization, the discovery of cases of reading-friendly companies and groups with learning and culture and certification.