Company Introduction

CEO Greetings

Junghyun Electric CEO
We will brighten the world and brighten the smiles of our customers with electricity.

Junghyun Electric, established in 1992, is celebrating its 30th year.

Junghyun Electric sells extra-high voltage, electric power, automation equipment and industrial general electric and energy saving electrical products. We mainly deal with electrical components for distribution boards and panel boards of buildings such as apartments and officetels, and extra-high voltage products installed on power poles.
In addition, by introducing ESG management, we present energy and electricity saving products for daily use through online market platforms.

Consisting of overall young employees, it is a certified work innovation company with work-life balance and family friendliness. We are taking the lead so that the improvement of employee welfare through a balance of work and life can lead to the creation of corporate performance.
We will do our best as the first-class electric product distribution company of Busan. Thank you.

Junghyun Electric CEO