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Current limiting power fuse is a device that protects power equipment and lines by shutting off the power system in case of a short circuit in a high voltage system line.

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It is installed for the purpose of overcurrent protection of high tension circuits, and when an overcurrent flows in the fuse element constituting a part of the fuse, it fuses with the heat it generates to block the circuit. COS is mainly installed on the primary side of the transformer and is used for the purpose of protecting and disconnecting the transformer.

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Various types of overvoltages such as lightning surges and switching surges occur in the power system. By limiting overvoltage caused by various surges in the event of a development accident such as insulation breakdown of electrical equipment such as transformers, motors, circuit breakers, switchgear, and cables that are connected to the line, this protection device not only prevents insulation breakdown of electrical equipment but also safely protects equipment and people from explosive shattering.

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It is a protection device used for the purpose of protecting power equipment and system circuits by limiting the abnormal overvoltage (switching surges) that occurs during ground fault in the AC power system and circuit opening and closing of VCB, no-load mold transformer, and small-capacity motor.

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