2019Junghyun Electric Sasang Branch Registered as ‘Good Store’

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작성일 22-04-27 14:16



On the 21st, the Busan Community Chest of Korea (Chairman Shin Jeongtaek) visited the Junghyun Electric Sasang Branch (CEO Oh Sanghoon) located in the Sasang Industrial Distribution District in Busan and delivered the Good Store signboard (pictured).

Junghyun Electric joined the Good Store in April 2017 as the first business in the Seobusan Distribution District, and since then, in October 2018, Junghyun Electric CEO Oh Sanghoon joined the Busan Community Chest of Korea leadership and took the lead in spreading the culture of donation. In addition, in January of this year, the company joined the Good Workplace and is practicing sharing by deducting a portion of the employee's salary for giving. 

This joining of Good Store is significant because as Junghyun Electric Sasang branch opened, it decided to open as the first Good Store in the Sasang industrial Distribution District. 

CEO Oh said, “Starting with joining the Good Store in various ways to practice sharing, I am considering various ways to share love to the local community through becoming a sharing leader personally but also participating in Good Workplace diligently with the employees.”

ⓒ Busan Ilbo