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A current transformer (CT) measures the extra-high voltage current and combines and connects it with all of the electric instruments of the cubicle to detect overcurrent and fault current to prevent electrical accidents in advance.

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A voltage transformer is a device used to measure the voltage of a measuring instrument or relay by converting high voltage to low voltage. It also supplies power to several instruments (voltmeters, wattmeters, trip coils, etc.).

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As a device in which a current transformer and voltage transformer are put in an electrical box and connected, it is a three-phase voltage and current transformer that is used in combination with a power supply watt-hour meter, reactive watt-hour meter and peak load watt-hour meter.

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It is well used for electrical and electronic test equipment of inboard panels and distribution boards, control panels, and communication equipment, and it is used to indicate/measure accurate voltage, current, power, reactive power, power factor frequency, etc. of various electrical equipment.

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